Shapeways launches Otto Software-as-a-Service

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Shapeways has announced the launch of its Otto Software-as-a-Service to make the route to industrial-grade additive production ‘simpler, faster and more flexible.’

With Otto, manufacturers can gain free access to fully digitised and end-to-end 3D printing workflows that help to remove unnecessary risk and costs. Shapeways first offered a software-as-a-service solution in partnership with ZVerse in 2019, and has now launched its own purpose-built offering in Otto.

Said to be suitable for individual engineers, small businesses, large enterprises and global manufacturers operating within a range of industries, Otto has been designed to expedite each phase of the 3D printing workflow without major capital expenditure or using different software tools. Per Shapeways, the platform simplifies initial digital file uploads, product configurations, file analysis and optimisation with instant auto-correction for trouble-free manufacturability. It also gives users access to Shapeways’ supply chain network of 50+ manufacturing partners, 11 3D printing technologies, and more than 90 materials and finishes. This is also supplemented by a comprehensive collection of pre and post-production capabilities, with delivery of parts enabled to more than 160 countries.

“Our goal with Otto is to make it incredibly easy and fast for any manufacturer anywhere to benefit from 3D printing,” commented Shapeways CEO Greg Kress. “Enabling seamless access to world-class digital manufacturing removes the required capex and hassles of setting up dedicated production capabilities. Manufacturers can sign up for Otto free of charge and start using our services right away.”

DSM, Henkel and BASF are all said to be ‘accelerating their shift to digital manufacturing’ through Otto, with traditional manufacturers also able to utilise the software as a white-label solution to expand their current capabilities with the addition of on-demand 3D printing.

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