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Ultimaker has announced that all of its 3D printing systems will be bundled with Ultimaker Essentials Software, while also introducing two new subscription plans to enable additive manufacturers to scale their operations.

The company has made the announcement at the Ultimaker Transformation Summit and believes it will provide 3D printing users with increased flexibility. Ultimaker Essentials was launched last summer as a subscription-based software that would improve workflow management, give users access to direct support functions and a catalogue of verified plugins, and address knowledge gaps within businesses through educational resources. Now, Essentials will be bundled with new printer purchases for no additional cost and is available to existing printer users as a perpetual license for 600.

By bundling Ultimaker Essentials with all of its 3D printing hardware, Ultimaker has established a single platform from which users can ‘develop, nurture and orchestrate’ the company’s ‘ecosystem products’, which include hardware add-ons, materials, software and other services. New products and services will be tested prior to verification, while Ultimaker will also seek to provide open interfaces, APIs and other tools to allow the community to develop new use cases.

In addition to the bundling of Ultimaker Essentials with its printing hardware, the company has also launched the Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence software subscription plans. The former has been designed to help ‘professionalise 3D printing innovation through collaboration and advanced software’, while the latter has been described as a ‘complete and custom solution’ that will help users accelerate their digital transformation.

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Within these software plans, there are five new elements. These include additional e-learning modules; a cloud-based application library; reporting and analytics tools to give users insights into printers, projects and applications; seamless CAD and platform integration to reduce switching between software platforms; and expert support and full API access for Ultimaker Excellence.

Ultimaker Professionals offers everything in Essentials, as well as unlimited storage in the Digital Library, in-depth reporting and professional level e-learning, while Ultimaker Excellence offers everything in Professional, as well as expert consultancy hours, federated single sign-on, rapid support response time and expert level e-learning.

“Ultimaker is uniquely positioned as a leader in the professional 3D printing segment, delivering on both hardware and software solutions,” commented Ultimaker CEO Jürgen von Hollen. “The platform is the evolution, elevating our current capabilities and enabling our partners and diverse ecosystem to deliver a seamless, innovative and future proof customer experience. Our belief is that all businesses – small, medium and large – should have the opportunity to take advantage of the platform and ecosystem. This allows them to remain flexible and productive in a volatile world.”

In taking out anUltimaker Professional subscription, there are three options: 500 for one printer and ten users; 1,500 for five printers and 50 users; and 5,000 for 20 printers and 200 users. There is also an offer to tailor the subscription if the print fleet and operator team exceeds 20 printers and 200 users. Subscriptions for Ultimaker Experience, meanwhile, start at 10,000 for 20 printers and 200 users, with quotes available should the company have more printers and operators.

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