3DPRINTUK increases MJF capacity by 50% and adding SLS machine

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3DPRINTUK has announced that it has added new machines to its portfolio to increase capacity and better manage lead times for its clients.

The company has added a third HP Multi JetFusion (MJF) machine to increase its MJF capacity by 50%. In addition to this, an investment has been made in another EOS Formiga Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine, bringing the total EOS SLS machine count at the London facility to 13.

Managing Director Nick Allen said: “It really is so gratifying that 3DPRINTUK continues to grow organically year on year. We have huge expansion plans for 2023, these new machines are just the beginning, and are a testament to the dedication of the entire 3DPRINTUK team and the commitment of our customers with existing and new applications. There is much more to come in the near future, including new technologies, new finishes and new materials, so watch this space.”


3DPRINTUK first launched its service in 2011 with a single EOS machine, since then it has developed expertise in polymer powder bed fusion processes. As one of its core competencies, it aims to bridge the gap between prototyping and injection moulding in an ‘efficient way’.

The company offers a range of manufacturing capabilities that support various applications across different sectors as a low volume production partner.

In late 2022, 3DPRINTUK closed out the year withan announcement of a 'major milestone', achieving ISO 9001:2015 accreditationtoaffirm the highest quality assurance and validation for its polymer 3D printed parts.

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